Arrest warrants / failure to appear

Arrest Warrants / Failure to Appear

Thomas Maiello has defended clients within the Tampa/Hillsborough County court system since 1995 and has found that a client who is proactive and takes the initiative to come forward (without being arrested first) stands a much better chance of being able to convince a judge to withdraw the arrest warrant. 

By acting quickly, Thomas Maiello can take steps to cancel the warrant—without a client having to turn themselves into jail or be arrested. 

Thomas Maiello can schedule an immediate hearing before the judge and explain the circumstances of the missed court date.  Sometimes there are extraordinary circumstances like an illness or family crisis. Other times, a person may have simply forgotten about the court date. 

A judge may be willing to give a person another chance and will withdraw the warrant if the person comes forward on their own accord—the sooner the better.