Bond Reduction / Pre-Trial Release

Bond Reduction / Pre-Trial Release

Many times someone is arrested and wants to get out of jail but cannot because the bond amount is set too high or there is no bond at all. 

Thomas Maiello can file a bond motion and set the case before a judge, usually within just a couple of days.  At the hearing, Tom can request that the judge lower the bond to an amount which is more financially feasible to the client and his/her family or persuade the judge to set a reasonable bond if there originally was none. 

Also, depending on the particular facts of a case, Tom may ask the judge to order the client be released on his/her own recognizance (ROR)—without having to put up any money or post a bail bond.

In special circumstances, Thomas Maiello may present other pre-trial options to the judge, including house arrest, GPS electronic monitor, or release to a drug treatment or mental health facility. 

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