Seal / Expunge Criminal Records

Seal / Expunge Criminal Records

If you were arrested, there may be ways to “erase” all records and details of that arrest and the accompanying court case, including your mugshot on the sheriff’s office website. 

If formal charges were never filed, if the case was ultimately dismissed in court, or if you have finished the terms of court-ordered probation or Pre-trial Intervention (PTI), you may be eligible to have the records of your case “sealed” or “expunged”. 

An expungement means that all records of an arrest are actually destroyed and wiped out of all public information databases. 

A sealing of criminal records means that any information relating to your arrest will be removed from public viewing; no private individuals or potential employers would have access to your criminal records. 

Another important benefit to this process is that Florida law allows someone who’s had a criminal record expunged or sealed to lawfully deny that they were ever even arrested or on probation (except in very limited circumstances).   In most situations, you can proceed with an educational or employment opportunity without ever having to provide an explanation of your arrest. 

There are some categories of criminal offenses which do not qualify for sealing or expunging. 

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