Violent Crimes & Weapons Offenses

Violent Crimes & Weapons Offenses

When someone is accused of a violent crime or weapons offense, Thomas Maiello has the courtroom experience and knowledge to mount an aggressive defense.  Tom has been defending clients against these types of charges since 1995.  He has been lead defense attorney in many jury trial trials involving these types of charges, including First Degree Murder, Second Degree Murder, Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Assault, Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Armed Robbery, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, and many more. 

When a client is charged with a violent crime or weapons offense, Tom mobilizes quickly to initiate an intensive investigation.  Tom often works with trained investigators to obtain witness statements, photograph crime scenes, and do whatever else necessary to preserve potentially favorable evidence.  Later, Tom and his staff will do thorough background investigations of the accuser and any adverse witnesses.

Armed with this information, Tom will formulate a “litigation strategy”—a plan to  either persuade the prosecution to drop or reduce the charges or, if necessary, create reasonable doubt at a jury trial and achieve total vindication.  Thomas Maiello has the training and skills to recognize and develop winning defenses for a particular case, such as self-defense, misidentification, police misconduct, or that the alleged victim is lying or exaggerating the truth. 

Some of the violent crimes and weapons offenses Thomas Maiello has litigated since 1995:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Battery (Domestic Violence)
  • Violation of a Domestic Injunction / Restraining Order
  • Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Aggravated Battery
  • Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer
  • Domestic Battery by Strangulation
  • Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer
  • Obstructing or Opposing an Officer With Violence
  • Obstructing or Opposing an Officer Without Violence
  • False Imprisonment
  • Kidnapping
  • Murder
  • Attempted Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Robbery
  • Armed Robbery
  • Robbery with a Firearm
  • Robbery by Sudden Snatching
  • Carrying a Concealed Weapon
  • Carrying a Concealed Firearm
  • Felon in Possession of a Firearm
  • Resisting a Merchant
  • Arson
  • Carjacking
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Child Abuse
  • Stalking
  • Aggravated Stalking
  • Hate Crimes
  • Retaliation Against / Intimidation of a Witness
  • Discharging a Destructive Device
  • Bomb Threats
  • Conspiracy to Commit a Violent Act
  • Gang-related activity

The penalties for a violent crime or weapons offense can be harsh and the long-term consequences devastating.  Do not go into this fight without an aggressive, experienced advocate by your side.  Call Tampa criminal defense attorney Thomas Maiello to schedule a free consultation and case analysis.